PRM Garden 2018

The garden at PRM is off to a great start! Thanks to a mid-May warmup, we were able to get plants in the ground during the week of May 18th.

This year’s palette is heavy on purples and blues. Black (well, extremely dark purple) petunias bring a little mystery to the foundation plantings. Orange accents in the container plantings make the green foliage of the sweet potato vines pop. And we mixed in a little white alyssum to lighten the look.

Our plants are from Felly’s in Verona and Kopke’s in Oregon. We fertilize weekly with Follett’s Watch Us Grow (8-8-8) made in Sturgeon Bay.

Here’s the PRM spring/summer 2018 plant list:

Calibrachoa ‘Mini Famous Double Compact White’
Coleus ‘Beauty of Lyon’
Heliotrope ‘Fragrant Delight’
Ipomoea ‘Sweet Georgia Deep Purple’
Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine ‘Illusion Emerald Lace’
Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine ‘Margarita’
Isotoma ‘Beth’s Blue’
Lobelia ‘Blue’
Lobelia ‘Laguna White’
Lobelia ‘Techno Heat Electric Blue’
Lobelia ‘Techno Heat Light Blue ’11’
Lobularia Alyssum ‘Snow Princess’
Petunia ‘Crazytunia Black Mamba’
Petunia ‘Sweetunia Black Satin’
Rosemary ‘Mrs. Howard’s’

Visit Paoli and see how things are growing!